Our Services

Detailed Report

Our software allows us to point out details that are important to the prospective buyer.
We can enlarge images for better views and draw attention to these details by adding arrows and circling the item.
It is imperative to us that the report is honest and complete before it is presented to the homebuyer.

Crack in Granite!


A cracked counter top is pictured here but you really can't see it unless someone points it out.
When you see it in our report it will be circled or pointed out with an arrow. A discription of the flaw or reference point would be included so you can find it when you look at the house yourself.
Construction details are noted and reported with comments when appropriate.

Radon Testing
Radon is a gas that can possibly contribute to some forms of respiratory cancer when exposed to this odorless gas for long periods of time.
It's a common practice today to have your Radon levels tested before you purchase a home.
Today, new homes are quite often built with a form of Radon mitigation built into the home.
Older homes that test above the recommended levels for Radon gas can be retrofitted for the removal or mitigation of this gas.
We have the equipment for this service as an added value to your report.